Friday, March 4, 2011

Climate Culture Calculator

While typing up and researching the previous blog post, I found this cool climate calculator on They have several different options for you to pick from  to figure out how much money and CO2 you can save each year by doing less.

To test it out, I decided to see how much I would save by driving more slowly, sometimes I get to be a speed demon on the freeway. I wonder if this will change my mind. Here are my results:

I could save $145/year and 1,108 lbs/ year of CO2 emissions. Wow! That's a lot that I could be saving. Maybe next time that I drive home for the weekend, instead of thinking about getting there fast, I'll think about the money I'll be saving in gas and CO2 I'll be saving.

Let's look at another one. How about driving less. I roughly drive about 265 miles/ month (that's if I go home twice during the month and drive about 10 miles during the week.) If I only drive home once and drive about 5 miles during the week, here are my results:

Oh man! $129 in savings and 983 lbs saved! Looks like I'm going to be driving slower and less  from now on. If I do this, then my total savings would be $274. I could definitely use that money for school and books! Ha!

You should check it out and let me know what you could be saving. Just go here:, and scroll down a little bit and the Climate Calculator will be on the right side of the screen. Have fun!

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