Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Car that has 200 MPG? Sweet!


This is an awesome car that I found. It's the first 3 wheel 2 seater fuel efficient car. Steve Fambro thought up the idea while sitting in traffic one day.

It was created to go through the wind and not push it, which makes it more efficient. It also was put on a "car diet." They said that it is harder to get going when you have more weight on the car. So, they redesigned the car and it only weighs about half of a normal car. You can also have 2, yeah I said 2, elephants stand on top of this car with barely a dent. That's pretty awesome if you ask me!

The Aptera was designed and manufactured in California as a fully electric car. The first edition of the car, the Aptera, came out in 2009. The second edition, 2e, is a hybrid of electric and gasoline and my finally be on sale this year after being talked about since 2007. These cars are set at a somewhat affordable price of $30,000 or lower.

Here are some sweet features of this "Jetson" car:

  • Seats made out of recycled plastic bottles
  • Made to charge during the night
  • Even if you are only driving, you get dibs on the HOV lane
  • Solar cell-covered roof keeps cabin at the right temperature, not matter what the weather is like

This is their pledge

How's that for efficiency? In our opinion, not enough. That's why we'll keep working to reduce our energy consumption through new technological and environmental advances.

What will you think up while sitting in traffic?

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