Monday, April 18, 2011

The Trash Fashion Show!!

It finally came...the Trash Fashion Show in Seattle by The RE Store. I waited so long for it to come and now, it's already over. I had blast though! It was my first ever fashion show and I want to go back next year.

The theme for the fashion show was "Plastic Pollution." All the designers made their garments out of plastic materials that can't be recycled. Sadly I don't have my pictures uploaded on my computer yet, but you can check out one of the photographer's website and see all the amazing pieces. Go here: (If after you are done with those pictures and you click on the "More Photos!!!!" link, you can check out some of the behind the scenes stuff and just might see a picture of me on there! And if you are counting, I'm picture #25. You will also see some amazing people that I worked with to make this show happen from The RE Store in Seattle.)

What I want to do is show you my top 5 favorite dresses though from And here they are:

1. Don't Flip Your Lid by Diane Kurzyna (aka Ruby Reusable)

 *This dress is made out the lids from the Red Robin kids cups

2. Mail Order Bride by Cindi Brooks and modeled herself

*This is made out of packaging materials. I talked to the designer's friend and she said that it only took Cindi 2 weeks to make this dress!

3. Marriage of Inconvenience by Rebecca Maxim

* This dress is made out the wrappers from the HIV medications. She was also helping with the awareness of HIV and what an inconvenient marriage it is with the medication.

4. Royal Mail by Mary Welch

*This dress is also made of packaging materials. They also have a cute pair of "underwear" (if you want to call them that) to match.

5. Cat on a Hot Red Carpet  by Tamara Adlin

* This dress was made entirely out of cat treat bags, head piece included! There is just unbelievable detail with this dress and being made out of cat treat bags.

 6. Haute Cature by "Kitty Liture" and "Juene K Reuse"

*Alright, so you get a bonus picture! This dress also has unbelievable detail since it is also made out of cat food bags.

Like I said before, go to to check out the rest of the pictures from the show! Let me know what your favorites are!


  1. Hi Kristina!

    I love your commentary... and thank you for posting the link to my site.



  2. You are very welcome! You took such great pictures from the show! I would have just used mine, but they were too blurry for some and others I only got the back. Your's showed exactly what I wanted for my blog.


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