Friday, April 15, 2011

The Budweiser House & other Recycled Homes

So you have to watch this video. This guy, Dan Phillips, makes houses out of recycled materials. One house in particular, he was inspired by the Budweiser can. In the bathroom, the tub resembles a  glass of beer with bubbles going up the tile side. The faucet for this tub, is an actual beer tap!

He goes on to talk about why he does what he does. He is motivated by the fact that things don't need to be perfect and that people need to stop wasting what doesn't fit in an expectation. In all of his houses, he features all of the broken, warped and imperfect pieces that no longer fit in some people's "perfect" world.

One thing he talks about is how we are pretty much never satisfied with what we have because there are always products made that have one little thing that is different from what we have. Our satisfaction is creating more of a need for satisfaction. Take for example, cell phones. People buy them every two years because they aren't what we currently have. The main purpose of a phone is to make phone calls, not to have all these other gadgets, but that's what we have and what we are trained to want.

What do you think about this video?

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