Monday, April 11, 2011

My Experience With Green Beer... Or I Should Say Hard Cider

Didn't realize but the other night I picked this up. It's a Pear Cider beer, which was not too bad. It could have been a little more pear tasting though. It's a good drink if you want something that is sweet, but has a little kick to it.

Spire is made in Olympia, Wa by Fish Brewing Company. They rekindled the love of hard cider in 1985, after the fall out from the Prohibition times. They don't just do Pear Cider, they also have an Apple Cider and a Dry & Dark Apple Cider.

They also have a Fish Tale Brew Pub in Leavenworth, which serves Fish Tale Organic Ales, Leavenworth Biers, and Spire Mountain Cider.

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