Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Think WWU is Green? Check Out This Shcool...

You may think that Western Washington University is the greenest school in U.S., but it's certainly not the greenest in the world. Check out this Green School in Bali. John Hardy created it after seeing Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. He said that Gore ruined his life by saying that his grand kids won't be able to have what he had. In response, he came up with Green School.

The school and it's surroundings are 100% sustainable. The school is made of bamboo and it's pathways are molten rock from nearby volcanoes. They even made their whiteboards from old car windshields and put white paper behind it.

They started building in 2006 and were able to open up in 2008 with about 200 students. Amazingly, their students are from 25 different countries. As they focus on the local factor, 25% of their students are from Bali.

Not only do the kids learn regular school curriculum, they learn how to use the resources around them. For example, they learn how to plant, take care of, harvest, and cook rice. You don't really learn that from any primary school.

Their architecture is phenomenal! The administration office resembles that of a double helix, instead of a square and is called the "Heart of School."


On their website, they even encourage others to create the next green school. They only ask of three conditions: be local, let the environment inform your decisions, and think about how your grandchildren might be influenced by your decisions.

This sounds and looks like an amazing place to go to school. Do you think we could have a school like this here in Washington? What recycled materials do you think we would use to hold up for weather conditions?

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