Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Know You Like to Turn Them On...

Target Market definition: College students ages 18-25 who are environmentally unconscious and who are environmentally conscious. The environmentally unconscious are those who leave the lights on all the time and don't bother to turn them off, whether the lights are being used or not. The environmentally conscious are those that think and care about the environment and turn off the lights to conserve energy. 

Objective: Make students aware of how much energy they are using by leaving the lights on and show them how to reduce their energy use and their impact on the environment. It’s also to remind those students that already turn off the lights, to keep turning them off.

Creative strategy: This is a rational and financial appeal because it’s focusing on the student’s interest of saving money, which at the same time it saves the environment. The environmentally unconscious are more likely to think about what the benefit is for themselves. But if they do this there’s also a nice benefit to the earth too. The environmentally conscious are reminded about the good they are doing by already turning the lights off.

This was an assignment from last quarter for Sustainability Marketing. The assignment was to make up an attention getter poster that would be put up around WWU's campus to help them make environmentally friendly choices.

So what do you think about my poster? Do you think that it would get the attention of WWU students and help remind them to turn off the lights when they aren't being used?

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