Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green Ways to Advertise

So today, I thought I would actually talk about marketing and marketing campaigns. More specifically, green ways (and agencies) that companies have found to advertise their products.

The first agency I found is called Green Street Media. They are based in the UK. To advertise their clients uniquely, they use the street. Literally, they pressure wash the ad onto the street or sidewalk or walls and they last 3-5 months.

Here are some cool ads that I found that use unique ways to advertise in an earth friendly manner.

Snapple is getting the attention of people at the beach to not litter, while they also promote their product.

WWF France presents a visual reminder of the importance of trees to the atmosphere in Lungs, a print advertisement developed by TBWAParis. The tag line: Before it's too late.
This one is from France and their awareness of how important trees are to our lungs.

Apples logo wanders lonely as a cloud
There's an Apple in the clouds.

A 'flower board' advertising the Chelsea Flower Show
It's not advertising, it's "flowertising." This was for a Chelsea Flower show.

I just thought this next was funny.

Until the sun shines out of your ass, use an energy-efficient lightbulb instead. Who says Greenpeace doesn't have a sense of humor?
This one is HILARIOUS! "Til the sun shines out of your ass, use energy efficient light bulbs."

Have you seen any other advertisements that weren't the normal advertising? Do you think that they are more effective in getting consumers awareness than traditional advertising?

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