Sunday, January 16, 2011

Party with Jelloware

Jelloware. That's right, I said it. Jelloware. Edible Jello cups that allow you to litter and save the earth, or at least help your garden.

Not only are these cups edible (and vegan), they are biodegradable. They are made to party with and then be thrown onto the ground. No clean up needed, an extra bonus! Each one is to correspond with the drink in hand.

Here are a few drinks: lemon basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet.

The people are The Way We See The World came up with this great idea. The way they work is that they are made with agar agar and whatever flavor you want. Agar agar is a vegetarian gelatin substitute made from a variety of seaweed vegetation. This is how they are able to be composted and help the growth of plants and grass.

It's time to get back to playing with your food and do the jiggle dance with your jello cups at your next party!

Jelloware is currently a project and you can keep up with them on Kickstarter. Hopefully they get enough backers and pledges to keep this going, so we can have these for those spring and summer get-togethers.

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