Saturday, February 12, 2011

I finally found a reason to blog about hockey...

I love hockey! It is my favorite sport to watch. I've wanted to have a blog post about it, but never found out how to incorporate it into my sustainable blog. And now I have found a reason!

This was from a couple years ago, but(!!!) Washington State is the proud owner of the first LEED Silver certification in the United States, the ShoWare Center hockey arena in Kent. According to Sustainable Industries, the hockey arena is just 3 points away from having a Gold certification, which they are aiming for.

Sadly, this arena is the home of the Seattle Thunderbirds [the Everett Silvertips (my favorite WHL team) rival.] But this is still pretty awesome. The 90% of  the construction of the building is from recycle materials. The arena is also made to use 40% less water and 37% less energy. To look for some extra points outside, they have 850 parking spots reserved for carpool of 4+ people and cars that have low emissions. They also have a ton of bike racks for those workers that like to bike to work.

Okay, so my need to write about hockey is now satisfied.

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