Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drink more and save the Earth? Awesome!

I actually got this article from Anna (click on her name to see her blog). I thought it was pretty cool. The Scotts are hitting two birds with one stone here.

The Scottish are taking what is leftover from the distillation phase and making it into a biofuel for cars. Apparently they have a very big whiskey habit each year, a $6.2 billion habit. Researcher at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland are using the pot ale and draff, the bi-products of distilling whiskey,  to make a new biofuel. Vehicles now would not have to adjust or adapt to the new fuel. They are also saying that it is possible that planes will be able to run off this new fuel called butanol.

So far research has shown that butanol is 30% more efficient than ethanol. The European Union is setting some standards by 2020, 10% of fuel sales will be from biofuels. Professor Martin Tangney said that using waste was more environmentally sustainable than growing crops just for biofuel.

This also means that crops don't have to be grown to have this kind of fuel. It's just using what wasn't being used before. I think this is a great idea instead of using ethanol. Crops can be saved and used for our consumption and animal feed. It's a lot that won't be taken away. It would be pretty cool to be able to use this biofuel in America whenever it gets on the market. I'd be up to filling my gas tank with whiskey waste.

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