Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Locust Beach Clean Up

Last Saturday I volunteered with The RE Store and ReSources to do a beach clean up at Locust Beach in Bellingham. Not only did I help clean up, but I got to be at the beach and enjoy the sun! By that's beside the point right now. The point was to clean up the beach and then make some art out of it afterwards.

It was awesome cleaning up he beach. We found so much garbage! We also found a ton of Styrofoam, in tiny tiny pieces. One of the pictures is what we think may be from a washer off of a boat. We also found several huge pieces of fiberglass that may have been from a boat.

One other piece we found was huge mass of fishing net. The artist, Kuros Zahedi, that was going to make art out of the garbage, was able to cut most of the mass out from being buried in the sand. It was a good few feet long.

Sadly I couldn't stay long enough to see what the art looked like, but I'm sure if you go to they will have more info and pictures for you.
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